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  1. Boggle-On

    Date released
    Series name
    Living Tomorrow
    Issue no
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    1 / 4

    COI synopsis: A fun way to brighten up your home, kitchen or nursery. Whether you want to cut it out or stick it on it’s Boogle-On Time!

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  2. Casting by (2013)

    Tom Donahue
    Film studies
    Sale, DVD (Region 1 NTSC, 89 minutes), $24.95

    This documentary looks at the role the casting director has played in the history of cinema, with a particular focus on Hollywood. Pioneers like Marion Dougherty and Lynn Stalmaster were iconoclasts who...

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  3. Romeo and Juliet: Love of the Elizabethan Era (1972 Radio)

    James Anderson

    Dr. Marion Smith, Brock University, explores the stylised love of the Elizabethan era. She draws extensive comparisons between the love story of Romeo and Juliet, and the ancient love myth, as seen in the...

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  4. Marion Barry re-elected as Washington mayor (1994)

    News report; Interview

    Jeff Collins reports on a commitment by the new Mayor of Washington, Marion Barry, to reverse the city’s financial crisis and regenerate the city when he takes office on 02/01/95. The controversial figure...

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  5. Matthews Interview: Daphne Phillips, local historian (1983)

    Mike Matthews is not in today. Marion Fountayne talks to Daphne Phillips, the Chief Local Studies Historian for the County of Berkshire. She wrote a fascinating book about the History of Reading. She talks...

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  6. A Chance to live (1985)

    Marion Wrigley, a Preston housewife, spent the last few weeks of her life setting up an appeal to raise cash for research and to seek for donors to help sufferers of the rare bone marrow disease Aplastic...

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  7. The End of Cinema?

    5 Oct 2016, 10:40
    Ben Hodson
    Post Type
    BUFVC Review

    The End of Cinema? A Medium in Crisis in the Digital Age by André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion, translated by Timothy Barnard (Columbia University Press, 2015), 256 pages, ISBN: 978- 0231173575...

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  8. Maureen Paleschi jailed for heroin smuggling (1988)


    Interview with a tearful Marion Arnold, sister of Maureen Paleschi who’s been sentenced to 25 years hard labour in Egypt, for smuggling £3million worth of heroin into Cairo. She says her sister won’t...

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  9. Craig Shergold saved from brain tumour (1991)


    Interview with nine-year-old Craig Shergold and his mother Marion Shergold, following his lifesaving operation in the United States after he was diagnosed as being terminally ill with a brain tumour....

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  10. Steve Jones show (1989)


    Steve Jones interviews guest jazz singer Marion Montgomery, coinciding with her appearance at the Barbican in London with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. She speaks about why she doesn’t tend to make...

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