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Media Screen Round-up February 2017

The monthly round-up of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research and published at Learning on Screen by Andrew Ormsby.

An eclectic selection this month, with subjects ranging from Argentinian telenovelas to lesbian and gay identity in YouTube celebrity video bloggers.  The most visually appealing item from February’s round-up is undoubtedly Ruth Artmonsky’s Art for the Ear: Forty Years of Illustration for BBC Radio Publications.  This guide covers the 1920s to the 1960s, a period when the BBC not only dominated the airwaves but also became a major publisher, with specially commissioned illustrations a major feature of the corporation’s printed output, from the Radio Times and The Listener to pamphlets produced to support the BBC’s schools programming. In the years covered by Artmonsky’s book, more than sixty artists were commissioned to produce work for the BBC’s printed output, including artists such as Edward McKnight Kauffer, Edward Ardizzone, Ronald Searle, and Eric Fraser.

Media Screen Roundup February 2017

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