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International Women’s Day on the Moving Image Gateway

Learning on Screen’s Gateway includes over 1,950 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone (020 7393 1500).

This week’s selection reflects the diversity of audiovisual resources on the Web made by, for and about women and girls: from careers issues and feminist archives to DIY filmmaking and women’s health. To see the whole range of resources relating to women on the Moving Image Gateway do an all records search and filter by selecting ‘Women’s Studies’ from the Subject search menu.

The Broad Experience
Excellent podcast about women in the workplace which examines a broad range of issues, covering race, communication styles, sexual harassment, the glass ceiling, women in academia, salary levels, childcare issues and many other subjects. Featuring interviews, panel discussions and case studies, the site is distinguished by its intelligent, nuanced and humorous approach to a complex area. The site, which features a clean, easy to navigate layout, also includes a blog, transcripts and a newsletter.

Feminist Archives, Feminist Futures
Based at Leeds University, this website is the result of a project which looks at the gendered histories of archives and their relationship to history-making and feminist activism. There is a particular emphasis on Women’s Libraries and Feminist Archives, and their role in shaping women’s lives. The site features a series of video interviews with the partners and participants in FAFF’s Archiving Women in Film and TV project in which feminist filmmakers discuss their own archives, while academics and archivists talk about the opportunities and challenges for creating and curating archives of women’s film and TV history.

Joanie 4 Jackie
This absorbing site archives the feminist film fanzine, or ‘video chainletter’ created by Miranda July and a network of female filmmakers during the 1990s and early 2000s. Originally called ‘Big Miss Movieola’, then changed to ‘Joanie4Jackie’ following legal threats from the owner of the Movieola brand, the project began when July issued a ‘challenge and a promise’ to other filmmakers: ‘Lady, you send me your movie and I’ll send you the latest Big Miss Moviola Chainletter Tape’. In addition to digitised versions of the chainletter tapes themselves, the site features extensive contextual material, including posters, letters, press, documentary films about the project and interviews with participants. The site, which was launched in January 2017, will continue to grow as the Getty Research Institute (to whom July donated her archive) makes more content available.

Safe Hands for Mothers
Safe Hands for Mothers is an organisation which aims to improve maternal and newborn health, advocate for policy change and increase investment in maternal and newborn health. They aim to achieve these aims through the production of films which are used by their partners at a community, national and international level. The organisation’s focus is particularly on African countries including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. The films address issues such as FGM, safe family planning, newborn care. Many of the films are intended for the use of frontline health workers in rural communities but can be used in a much wider educational context.

Women’s Voices Now
Website of a community organisation based in California which advocates women’s rights through film. The site features a selection of free to view films which have played at the organisation’s festival. The criteria for selection includes ‘films that are relevant to our global community and which tell unique stories and amplify voices of women from around the world’. The films on the website are arranged into categories (Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Narrative Feature, Narrative Short etc.) and reflect the organisation’s global reach, with films about women’s lives and experience in the USA, UK, Afghanistan, Brazil, Rwanda, Egypt, Iran, Mexico and Turkey, to name a few.

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