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Brexit, climate change and Hamlet the game theorist: latest additions to the Moving Image Gateway

This Gateway includes over 1,900 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone (020 7393 1500).

All Squared
Lively mathematics podcast featuring Katie Steckles and Christian Perfect in conversation with interesting mathematicians. The podcast is part of the online maths magazine The Aperiodical, which features articles, blogs, news and some video content. The site is aimed at ‘the mathematically literate’ and would be a useful resource for undergraduates.

Cracking Law Podcast
This podcast is about the laws of the United Kingdom; how they were made, what they do and how they can be understood and interpreted. It features contributions from expert researchers and academics from QMUL’s School of Law. The first episode focuses on European Union law. Episode two, which was made before the results of the 2016 EU referendum looks at Brexit and how the country would extricate itself from the European Union law system. The verdict: ‘It’s going to be a legal mess, which will take a lot of time to untangle’.

Earth Vision Institute
Founded by scientist and photographer James Balog, this site aims to ‘bridge the divide between art and science through unique conceptual insights, technological innovation, and scientific knowledge’ One of the aims of the institue is to educate people about the impact of environmental change on the world, and one of the ways they do this is the use of time-lapse videos. These films illustrate the retreat, deflation and break up of glaciers, dramatically showing the effects of climate change.

Merce Cunningham Trust
The Trust maintains a directory of film and video featuring the work of renowned choreographer. Mondays with Merce is a series of sxteen freely available videos, each featuring Cunningham discussing an important aspect of his work, as well as interviews with dancers and collaborators who have worked with him. The site also features Dance Capsules, 86 of Merce Cunningham’s key works. Each capsule contains complete documentation of the work in question, including performance videos, sound recordings, lighting plots, décor images, costume designs, production notes, interviews with artistic personnel, and licensing information. Previews of this resource are freely available but users must subscribe to gain full access.

Relatively Prime
Kickstarter-funded podcast featuring ‘stories from the mathematical domain.’ Topics include game-playing, computers, music and architecture. There are sixteen episodes in total, each one exploring a different aspect of mathematics. Aimed at a general audience. The Toolbox episode features mathematician NYU Professor Steven Brams talks about his work at the intersection of maths and the humanities, and discusses how game theory can be used to illuminate Hamlet’s strategy to uncover the guilt of his uncle Claudius

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