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Latest additions to the Moving Image Gateway

This Gateway includes over 1,900 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone (020 7393 1500).

Environment and Society Portal
This worthy enterprise is a dynamic digital archive which aims to make images, podcasts, scholarly texts, documentary films, and other materials of the environmental humanities openly accessible to all users. The portal is the digital publication platform and archive of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), a nonprofit joint initiative of the LMU (University of Munich) and the Deutsches Museum

Film Interviews with Leading Thinkers
Freely available archive of over 200 interviews with leading scientists, anthropologists, historians, economists, ethno-musicologists, international travellers and others. Most of the interview were conducted and filmed by Professor Alan Macfarlane and subjects include literary critic George Steiner, historian Eric Hobsbawm, artist Anthony Gormley, anthropologist, Mary Douglas. The interviews include transcripts. The site is hosted by the University of Cambridge.

The History of American Slavery
Nine episode podcast series about the history of American slavery presented by Slate Magazine. Each episode is told from the point of view of a particular enslaved person, and takes a chronological approach in order to show how the institution of slavery changed over time. Presented by journalists Rebecca Onion and Jamelle Bouie, the series also features contributions from historians. There is a range of interesting supplementary materials, including an interactive animation which gives a powerful sense of the scale of the trans-Atlantic slave trade across time.

Thankful Villages
Musician Darren Hayman has created this website to document his ‘project about rural life’ in which he visits every one of the 54 Thankful Villages in England and Wales . A Thankful or Blessed Village, is the name given by writer and educator Arthur Mee to a settlement where every soldier returned alive from the First World War. The films, music and text on the site rarely refer directly to the Great War itself: Hayman’s project is more a way of exploring aspects of life in small rural communities and documenting his own responses to his journey through his music and film – written and recorded in situ as he travels the country.

Rodney Stoke, Somerset – Thankful Villages #07 from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

Voca – The University of Arizona Poetry Center
The University of Arizona Poetry Center’s Audio Video Library, features audio and audiovisual recordings from the Center’s long-running Reading Series and other readings presented under the auspices of the Center. The earliest of these recordings is a Robert Creeley reading from 1963. All recordings are made available with the permission of the reader and are freely available to all. The site features hundred of recordings, including readings by Lucille Clifton, Miroslav Holub, Allen Ginsberg, Thom Gunn, Seamus Heaney and many others.

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