Media Screen Round-Up April 2016

The monthly roundup of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research and published at the BUFVC by Andrew Ormsby.

One of the highlights of this month’s selection is Muhamed Amin’s article in the latest issue of The Journal of European Popular Culture (Volume 6, Issue 2): ‘Welcome to Europe! Linking the EU Parliament LUX Film Prize and the Impact of Migration Films to the Emergence of a European Public Sphere’ (pp. 129–44).  Amin considers the emerging genre of migration films and their influence on European citizens and policy makers alike.

Amin focuses on French Director Philippe Lioret’s film Welcome, which was awarded the LUX Film Prize in 2009 for its portrayal of a Kurdish refugee living in France who wants to swim the Channel to Britain.

The film caused some controversy in France because of its critical stance towards French refugee policies, specifically the L622-1 law which prohibits citizens from offering assistance to undocumented migrants. The EU Parliament created the LUX Film Prize in 2008 to recognise films embodying European traditions and values, particularly regarding the importance of integration. The article highlights the positive effect of the prize, which fosters constructive debate on the subject of migration and promotes discussion and participation beyond  the narrow political sphere.

Media Screen Roundup April 2016 pdf

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