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Science on the Moving Image Gateway

This Gateway includes over 1,900 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. This selection features some of the more recent entries relating to the sciences.

To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone.

Analytical Chemistry Podcast
A peer-reviewed research journal that explores the latest concepts in analytical measurements and the best new ways to increase accuracy, selectivity, sensitivity, and reproducibility in analytical chemistry. Also available in iTunes. Free to listen to and download with an archive dating back to 2006.

Biology on the Box
Website created by Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester as a resource for lecturers and students of bioscience in Higher Education. The main aim of biologyonthebox is to share suggestions for the use of television in teaching Biology. The only constraint is that the programmes suggested must be available in Box of Broadcasts (Bob). The site is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. A helpful list of categories, from Agriculture and Bioethics to Virology and Zoology helps users navigate the resource. Each entry features a url to the programme on BoB along with information about the programme and suggestions on how to use it in teaching.

A series of engaging, lively videos produced for the Royal Society. The format is simple: in each episode video journalist Brady Haran and Keith Moore, the Royal Society’s Librarian, look at a single object in the society’s collections and discuss its scientific and historical significance. Among the objects uncovered are Captain Cook’s quadrant, the letters of H.G. Wells, a very powerful 18th century magnet and some very expensive 19th century photographs. In the video below, randomly chosen items from the Royal Society Library’s card catalogue take the team on a serendipitous journey into scientific observations of the past, including some 18th century notes on a hail shower.

Science Gallery, Dublin
The Science Gallery is a public science centre at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Opened in 2008 and housed in Trinity’s Naughton Institute, it holds exhibitions and lectures with a view to science outreach and art-science collaborations. Unlike most science centres, it has no permanent collection, but rather a series of 4-6 temporary exhibitions each year. The Video section of the website hosts video podcasts of recent events including the performance artist ORLAN talking about the future of the human body, and a debate by leading scientists on the ethics of synthetic biology. The podcast section offers a small number of audio podcasts on a wide range of topics including neuroscience, the portrayal of scientists in movies and the relationship between technology, business and art.

Taking Maths Further Podcasts
The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) is supported by the Department for Education and managed by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), an independent educational charity. The FMSP has worked with Peter Rowlett and Katie Steckles to produce a series of podcast called Taking Maths Further. Every episode takes a topic from the A level Maths or Further Maths syllabus and looks at its applications. Each episode includes an interview with someone working using related mathematics. Each podcast has an associated puzzle and further reading designed to stimulate students’ interest in mathematics outside of the curriculum. Topics have included calculas, medical imaging, statistical sampling and Boolean algebra.

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