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Latest Additions to the Moving Image Gateway

This Gateway includes 1,800 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone.

The Film Space: Shakespeare on Film
Resources on thirteen Shakespeare plays, featuring study guides, downloadable clips and interviews with actors and filmmakers, including Kenneth Branagh, Ian McKellen, Baz Luhrmann and Richard Linklater. Also includes guide to Me and Orson Welles, which covers Welles’ staging of Julius Caesar in 1937, as well as a study guide for the 1999 film Shakespeare in Love. The resource aimed at 14-18 year olds at KS3, GCSE and AS/A Level as well as Highers in Scotland directing students to a close study of play texts alongside analysis of key cinematic moments.

Malware Museum
A collection of malware programmes featuring animations of various viruses which infected home computers during the 1980s and 1990s. Through the use of emulations, and by the removal of destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows interested users to experience malware with none of the associated difficulties. There are various download options, including Gifs, Screenshots and jpegs.

The Roaring Twenties
This site aims to recreate the soundscape of New York in the early twentieth century. Contemporary newsreel footage, with the live sound foregrounded, provides a fascinating perspective on a defining aspect of the urban experience during the Jazz Age. The bulk of the clips are taken from the 1920s but the time span runs between 1900 – 1932. Website navigation is via a beautifully designed map of New York city and the surrounding areas. The newsreel footage (mainly Fox Movietone) and sounds are enhanced by the presence of noise pollution complaints (some with documentation) from the time, taken from the Municipal Archives of New York, ranging from printing plants in Brooklyn to barking dogs in Queens.

Political TV Ad Archive
A collection of political television adverts from key 2016 primary election states in the USA. The resource forms a searchable archive of political ads broadcast during the 2016 primary season and has been created by the Internet Archive in conjunction with a number of journalism advocacy groups. The aim of the resource is primarily to enable journalists to check each advert’s sponsor, topics covered, candidates mentioned, and the shows during which it aired.

YARN is a search engine which allows users to find clips from television shows, films and music video by typing in a line, quotation or lyric from the relevant clip. An intriguing search feature allows users to search by selecting from hundreds of emoji icons. The search engine directs the user to the relevant clip or clips, displaying a brief excerpt from the film or video, and showing the line of dialogue as text.

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