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The European Union on Moving Image Gateway

This Gateway includes nearly 1,900 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone.

Audio podcasts on the European Union from the University of Oxford given by the faculty and visiting academics from Britain and Europe. Recent topics have included why Britain should stay in the EU, economic governance in Europe, Syrian displacement, the acceptance of refugees with physical disabilities, forced migration, and far-right extremism. The information on content accompanying the listings is comprehensive and searchable by keywords.

EU Tube
The European Commission has launched EUTube, a dedicated channel on YouTube, to make more widely accessible its audiovisual material explaining its policies and actions on issues which concern citizens across the EU – such as climate change, energy or immigration.The non-exclusive arrangement between the European Commission and YouTube aims to present new and innovative ways of informing people on the activities of the European Union through video clips that illustrate the main issues facing citizens from across the 27 member states. Currently, users can watch approximately 50 video clips on a wide-range of topics – from the EU’s first post-war historical steps to today’s need to safeguard the environment and combat climate change. Initially much of the material was in English, but French and German language versions are being added.

EUROPA – Europe by Satellite
The European Union’s TV news agency Europe by Satellite (EbS) is a service providing coverage of EU affairs for TV and radio professionals. The programmes are available live in German, French and English and the archive section allows access in several more languages. An effective back-up service is also available in the web archive, which allows emergency meetings and press conferences to be retransmitted. Additional information includes detailed schedules of political broadcasts and re-transmissions. This content is available for on-demand viewing (Real and Flash) and most of it also for download in a variety of bandwidths. Links to other websites, and information on use and access are also provided in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. A huge advantage of this website is that material may be used free of charge and free of rights for educational purposes.

Politico Europe
Formerly European VoicePolitico Europe is an English-language newspaper founded by The Economist Group in 1995. The newspaper reports on the activities of the key European Union institutions: the European Commission, European Parliament, and Council of Ministers. The paper is available on subscription or by direct sale from a limited number of newsstands in Brussels, London, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg – reflecting the specialist nature of its readership. The Video pages offer short video interviews to accompany the daily news stories and the podcasts give a roundup of the news items reported on in the week.

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