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This Gateway includes 1,700 websites relating to moving image and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone.

Irish Traditional Music Archive

The Irish Traditional Music Archive – Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann – is a national reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, instrumental music and dance of Ireland. Established in 1987, the Archive is the first body to be exclusively concerned with the making of a comprehensive multimedia collection of materials – sound recordings, books and serials, sheet music and ballad sheets, photographs, videos and DVDs. It currently (as of 5/2015) holds over 30,000 commercial and non-commercial sound recordings, 23,000 books and serials, 12,000 photographs and negatives, 10,000 computer music engravings of melodies, 7,000 ballad sheets and items of sheet music, 2,500 programmes, 1,500 videotapes and DVDs, 400 music manuscripts, and other materials such as posters and flyers. A relatively small percentage of sound and visual material has been digitised and can be searched via the online catalogue. The main catalogue can be searched here.

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
The mission of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science is to promote scientific literacy and a secular worldview. The Video section of the site, which promotes critical scientific thinking, streams a small number of films including philosopher A.C. Grayling explaining why “teaching the controversy” isn’t a good approach to science education and Robert Seyfarth describing how monkey calls used by velvet monkeys might be a precursor to language.

Science in Parliament Podcasts
Podcasts dealing with science issues being discussed in Parliament. Titles include ‘Biofuels’ – MPs, Peers, parliamentary researchers and leading industry figures debate biofuels and climate change, ‘Regenerative Medicine’ – a new approach to the treatment of illnesses caused by damaged or diseased tissues or organs and ‘Counterfeit Medicine’ in which representatives from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) discuss what a counterfeit medicine is, the risks they pose and how the government and industry are working to tackle this problem. The podcasts are also available via the Parliament Podcast Channel.

UK General Election 2015 Archive
The British Library undertook an intensive recording programme of UK television and radio broadcasts covering the 2015 general election. 1,775 programmes were recorded between 26 March (the date of the first TV debate) and 8 May, including the full election night broadcasts of all the main UK channels, plus those of BBCs Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, STV, and reporting of the night’s events from Al Jazeera English, CNN, France 24 and Russia Today. There are party political broadcasts, manifesto launches, debates, campaign events, press conferences, documentaries, leader profiles, interviews, dramas, comedies and news broadcasts, from 27 television and radio channels. The full list of programmes, listed by date and classified by programme type, is available to download as an XLS spreadsheet. All the programmes are available to researchers at either of the British Library’s two sites – St Pancras in London and Boston Spa in Yorkshire.

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