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Summer edition of Viewfinder now out

DocHdl1OnPTRSERVERtmpTargetViewfinder 99 was published in May 2015.

Contents of this issue:

OUT OF THE UNKNOWN Is it true that nothing dates so much as depictions of the future? Billy J Smart, Royal Holloway, considers this in the light of recent releases on DVD of vintage British telefantasy.

GOING MOOC FutureLearn, wholly owned by The Open University, is the first UK-led provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs). We speak to Simon Nelson, its CEO.

SURVIVING YOUR PHD Stephen Engelhard is the founder of Angel Productions, and produces and directs its videos for universities. He explains how and why THE PHD SURVIVAL VIDEO was produced.

FILMS ON BRITISH TV This is an ‘interim report’ by Dr Sheldon Hall, Sheffield Hallam University, on his long-term project on the history of the showing of feature films on British television.

PRESERVING YOUR PAST Frazer Ash, the BUFVC’s Digital Transfer Manager, gives an overview of the work undertaken by his department.

BROADCASTING LIVE – FROM SPACE In March 2014 Channel 4 promised to let viewers share the experience of being an astronaut on the International Space Station ‘live.’ Dr Michael Allen, Birkbeck, University of London, considers the perils and the promise of this claim.


  • Dr Lee Broughton: Radical Frontiers by Austin Fisher
  • Dr Billy J Smart: RED SHIFT (DVD)
  • Dr Paul Moody: Studying Early & Silent Cinema by Keith Withall
  • Dr Susan Smith: Marnie by Murray Pomerance
  • Alexander Jacoby: Akira Kurosawa by Peter Wild

Front Cover: Spacewalk by NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, Expedition 38 Flight Engineer, on 24 December 2013. See the artivcle by Dr Mike Allen in which he discusses the LIVE FROM SPACE broadcast Image: Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures UK / NASA.

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