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Recent additions to the Moving Image Gateway

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,550 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

The Dissolve
This American website features reviews, commentary, interviews, and news about current films, while also exploring over a century of film history. The site’s main attraction is its podcast. The knowledgeable group of film critics who present the fortnightly programme wear their learning lightly, making the lively discussions about the industry and the latest releases on film and DVD, an enjoyable as well as informative listen.

This site accompanies the PBS series of the same name and constitutes a comprehensive learning resource about evolutionary science for teachers, students and the general public. It is made up of four main components. Firstly there are seven main topics for users to explore which are accompanied by a preview of the relevant episode, together with animations and other interactive material on the subjects: Darwin; Change; Extinction; Survival; Sex; Humans and Religion. There is also a searchable multimedia library with assets (video, text, web links) organised along lines that correspond to commonly taught topics eg. Natural Selection; Science and Religion. There is a section of Learning Resources for teachers and seven short videos designed to stimulate classroom discussion.

Open Access History and American Studies
This website was created by Dr Darren Reid who teaches American Studies at the University of Edinburgh and features podcasts, interviews, links, and reviews on American culture and history. Reid’s site hosts his two main podcasts: one on the History of the American Frontier, the other on The Artist in American History which presents a series of lectures and documentaries which explore how comic books have reflected and informed the societies that made them. Another of Reid’s podcasts – American Studies and History– is available at iTunes and considers American history through the lens of artists, musicians, chroniclers and film makers.

Spanish Civil War Memory Project
Subtitled ‘Audiovisual Archive of the Francoist Repression’, this resource is the result of a collaborative project between the University of California at San Diego and various Spanish civic associations and human rights organisations. The core of the site is its collection of audiovisual recordings featuring the testimonies of fighters in, witnesses to, and victims of the Spanish Civil War. The resource is an attempt to counter the long-lasting effects of the so-called ‘Pact of Silence’ and the 1977 Amnesty Law which forbade any legal proceedings against perpetrators of human rights violations during the conflict. This page gives a detailed account of the aims of the project, including an explanation of why oral testimony is so important and the reasoning behind the project’s methodology. Recordings are high quality mp4 format and feature English and Spanish summaries. The majority of the interviews, however, are in Spanish only, without subtitles.

Therapy and Counselling Videos
This training resource is aimed at psychotherapists and counsellors and presents a series of free online videos consisting of four individual psychotherapy sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, followed by a five minute analysis by the therapist. Produced by the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy and facilitated by Bob Cooke, the theories and methods used in the sessions come from the world of Transactional Analysis and Integrative Psychotherapy. The videos are also available to purchase on DVD: the box set includes two extra therapy sessions not available on the website.

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