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Recent additions to the Moving Image Gateway

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,500 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

David Lynch Interview Project
In 2009, film director David Lynch sent his son Austin and collaborator Jason S. on a 20,000 mile, seventy day long road trip, across the United States, during which they filmed ordinary people, talking about their lives and experiences. This website presents the 121 short films which resulted from that trip. Each film is introduced by Lynch Senior and features the interviewee speaking to the camera about his or her life. Although one woman talks about her recurrent nightmare of a faceless man with a goatee beard, the general tone is in the gentler vein of The Straight Story, rather than Lynch’s more surreal outings. What unites the interviewees, despite the wide range of age, background and race, is how compellingly the stories of their lives are told. The end result is a powerful and moving portrait of smalltown America as well as a demonstration of how the medium of the internet can be used creatively and imaginatively without sacrificing any of the traditional virtues of documentary filmmaking.

The filmmakers followed up this project with Interview Project Germany: a similar venture, featuring fifty interviews with German people.

DiveFilm Video Podcasts
Over 120 podcasts featuring underwater footage of marine life made by divers and wildlife filmmakers from around the world. As well as high quality footage of sealife the podcasts also include interviews with scientists, marine biologists and other experts. The video podcasts are all free to watch and listen to and are available from iTunes in HD format as well as standard definition video. The collection is curated by Mary Lynn Price, who is an underwater filmmaker herself.

History Extra
This is the official website of the BBC History Magazine. The digital editions of the magazine are only available to paying subscribers but there is a substantial amount of free content, including a news section, book reviews, TV and radio listings and a weekly podcast, which is free to download, and has an archive dating back to 2007. There is also a series of blogs by various contributors, many of which include video content, such as this interview with Dr Hannah Dawson about the history of ideas, which considers Thomas Hobbes and his definition of the Social Contract.

MEI Maths
This YouTube site features videos created by Mathematics in Education and Industry, an organisation which is committed to improving mathematics education in the UK and promotes teaching and learning through different activities. The YouTube channel offers videos on a number of different topics, including advice to students about careers, guides to dealing with online resources and information about curriculum issues.

Wie Waren So Frei
This site presents the photographs, personal recollections and private films of German people, documenting the period between the last May Day rally in the GDR on 1st May 1989 and 2nd December 1990, when the first Bundestag elections of the newly united Germany took place. The result of a project developed by the Deutsche Kinemathek and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, the aim of the project is to capture the personal responses of ordinary people to the historic events unfolding day by day. Searching can be narrowed according to theme, place, event as well as public figures, parties and organisations. A number of exhibitions provide structure to the resource, identifying significant events and themes – such as The Border Opens – and grouping the relevant material together with contextual information, maps, dates, and place names. Some of the material is available under Creative Commons licences and the site is available in both German and English.

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