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The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway – Recent additions

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes nearly 1,500 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

ChemEd DL
The Chemical Education Digital Library is a collection of online digital resources for education in the chemical sciences. The site has a collaborative, community ethos and encourages students and teachers to find, use, classify, contribute, and evaluate ChemEd DL resources in support of teaching and learning. Among the resources are Periodic Table Live!” – an interactive periodic table; links to videos showing chemical reactions, biographies of famous chemists, and an interactive Mah Jong game based on the table of elements.

This channel on YouTube features videos about computers and information technology and is the sister site of Numberphile. The videos, are presented by computer scientists and physicists from the University of Nottingham and cover various aspects of the subject, including programming, the history of computers, the origins of computer science as an academic subject, as well as more philosophical questions, such as What if the Universe is a Computer Simulation.
This website features high quality films and photographs on a wide range of topics, from animal rights, health and poverty to the environment, education, spirituality, music and dance. The site is dedicated to promoting and funding non-profit organisations and has a nicely designed user interface which makes browsing an enjoyable experience. In addition to the films, the site features a Live Cam page, where users can see different animals, such as seals, bears and birds, in their natural environment.

Pop Up Archive
This portal provides access to American oral history and sound archive material, using open source software to enable content providers to store and catalogue their files so that their collections can be preserved in perpetuity. The software allows the files to be tagged with rich metadata (including recording date, broadcast date, location, subject, interviewer and interviewee) so that the collections can be easily searched and accessed by researchers. The material is streamed and is not available for download and new material is being added as it is digitised and catalogued. Collections include Studs Terkel’s interviews from the 1952-1997 radio show, The Studs Terkel Program, on the Chicago station WFMT, featuring Simone de Beauvoir, James Baldwin, Sidney Poitier and Diane Arbus, amongst others. Other collections, such as the Pacifica Radio Archives and Illinois Public Media document some of the most significant changes in recent American history, particularly the 1950s and 1960s. First hand accounts from prime movers and campaigners in the African-American civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and from student activists and gay rights campaigners, present a vital picture of a time of political and social upheaval from outside the mainstream US media.

A no-frills resource which collects television adverts and presents them in alphabetical order, divided according to whether they are ‘recent’ or ‘vintage’. Users can see the Top Twenty most popular, recently viewed ads, as well as ITV’s Ads of the Decade as voted for by a panel of 8,000 viewers from ITV’s shortlist and transmitted on Sunday December 20th 2009. Other than the product name there is very little contextual information accompanying the videos, and the date given is when the video was uploaded to the site rather than the original transmission date. A Facebook page aims to encourage people to share information and memories.

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