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The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,450 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into   over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or  amendments, please contact us by email or telephone or visit  the Gateway at

BBC Prison Study
This website explores the history of a social and psychological experiment carried out by Stephen Reicher and Alexander Haslam, in conjunction with the BBC, in 2001. Partly based on Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, the experiment was based on splitting a group of volunteers into two groups of guards and prisoners and observing the consequences, in order to find out why groups resist authoritarianism and why, and under what circumstances, they accept tyranny . The site contains a wealth of resources, including a 3-D visualisation of the prison from where a number of extracts from the original BBC programme can be viewed, tracing the progress of the experiment from Day 1 to Day 8. There are also suggested activities, details of publications that have come out as a result of the study, a timeline, glossary, quantitative data and links to other web resources.

Canadian Army Newsreels
From the 21st October 2013, the Canadian charity War Amps, will begin to make available online the entire collection of the Canadian Army Film Unit from World War II. In association with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and veterans of the Film Unit, War Amps will be releasing one issue every week via its YouTube channel, until November 2015, when all 106 newsreels will be online. This trailer gives an idea of the collection’s scope.

The films were shot on 35mm film by soldiers who had been trained to use cameras, as well as professional cameramen recruited into the Canadian Army for the purpose of documenting the force. Because the initial purpose of the unit was to document training there is no footage of front line action prior to 1943. However, later newsreels do feature footage from the front line, including the invasion of Sicily, the raid on Dieppe and the D-Day landings.

Philosophical Installations
This portal, which is hosted by the University of Oregon, presents 1573 philosophy videos and podcasts. Much of the material has been sourced from YouTube but it is nicely presented and can be searched for by philosopher’s name and/or subject. The material on offer is something of a mixed bag, featuring clips from Woody Allen films alongside more serious fare, such as this interview with Jacques Derrida. Quite a lot of the material is frustratingly lacking in details of provenance but the site is still worth a look.

RVC Podcasts
A podcast produced by the Royal Veterinary College and presented by Dr Mark Cleasby and colleagues. The podcast offers up to the minute information on animal diseases, from arthritis and bird flu to vaccines and zoo animal health. There is also news about the work and research being conducted at the Royal Veterinary College. Production values are fairly basic but the quality of the podcasts is in the expertise of the contributors, making this an essential listen for veterinary students as well as zoologists and animal scientists. The podcast is free and also available in iTunes.

Scottish Documentary Institute
Based at the Edinburgh College of Art, the SDI is a research centre specialising in documentary training, production and distribution, set up to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The website is cleanly designed and easy to use and features a range of useful resources, links, a news page and a blog. The films page features SDI-produced films from 2005, as well as a selection of ECA students’ films. Some of the films are viewable in their entirety, others in the form of a trailer or brief extract, but all records feature credits, synopses, exhibition history and details of screening formats. The website’s Masterclasses section features streaming videos of a series of lectures and workshops given at the SDI by filmmakers.

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