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September on the BUFVC Moving Image Gateway

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,400 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into   over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or  amendments, please contact us by email or telephone or visit  the Gateway at

A monthly podcast with an academic perspective on media, presented by film and television historian Christine Becker and media scholar and cultural historian Michael Kackman. The programme is sponsored by Cinema Journal, the official journal of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and features items on film, television, radio, sound and digital media. The podcast is presented in a magazine format and covers current scholarship, interviews with academics, questions in pedagogy and professional development, events in the media studies world and issues in the media industries.

Le Cinéma Néoréalisme
La Bibliothèque du Film’s online exhibition on Italian Neorealism, based on the writings of film historian and critic Pierre Sorlin, features only two film clips but makes up for the lack of moving images with a wealth of other material. Stylishly presented, in a monochrome design, the site is divided into two main sections. Les Films looks at key examples, including The Bicycle Thieves and Rome, Open City, both of which are illustrated with clips, and augmented with synopses and analysis. L’Horizon Néoréaliste traces the history of the movement and discusses aspects of production, reception and the tenets of the movement according to its practitioners.

Internet Geography
This website is primarily aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils and contains a number of resources for students and teachers, including a Geotopics section, featuring case studies on popular subjects, as well as a number of videos, showing different geographical features and phenomena, including limestone features at Malham in Yorkshire and examples of coastal erosion at Holderness on the coast of East Yorkshire. There is also a stills gallery and a list of useful resources and links for teachers.

From Nanook to Oumigmag: Documentary Film in Canada
This virtual exhibition about Canadian Documentary film takes the form of a timeline spanning the 1890s to the 1990s, with a selection of landmark films representing each decade. Once the user has selected a particular film, he or she can see credits, read synopses and reviews and view video clips, stills and posters. There are also biographies of important Canadian documentarists, articles about popular topics and recording processes and equipment. Another timeline shows a century of documentary history in 54 key events. The resource is available in French and English language versions and makes use of Flash, Real Media and JavaScript.

Plus Magazine
A stimulating and useful resource for maths students, of all levels and abilities, Plus Magazine presents articles and podcasts about all aspects of mathematics, from the theoretical and philosophical to practical applications in cosmology, art, engineering, medicine and sport. There are also news articles and puzzles. The podcasts cover a broad range of subjects, including interviews and conference reports, as well as more in-depth features on a diverse range of subjects, including how gravity works, the ten dimensions of string theory  and the weird and wonderful story of the Gomboc: a look at a three dimensional object which until recently no-one knew even existed. Plus is part of the Millennium Mathematics Project, a long term national initiative based at Cambridge University which aims to help people of all ages and abilities achieve a better understanding of mathematics and appreciate the range and importance of its applications to science and commerce.

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