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Media Screen Roundup – March 2013

The monthly roundup of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research, & published here at the BUFVC by Linda Kaye.

Simon: As befits the 50th anniversary of the Time Lord, there is an article entitled, Doctor Who and Race: Reflections on the Change of Britain’s Status in the International System. There are also articles on other long-running sci-fi series, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica and Cynthia Miller et al, 1950’s ‘Rocketman’ TV Series and Their Fans: Cadets, Rangers, and Junior Space Men.

Clothing and costume also figure in this month’s Roundup with articles on Will Smith in the journal Fashion TheoryMiss Havisham’s Dress: Materialising Dickens in Film Adaptations of Great Expectations and From Clothing for Sport to Sportswear and the American Style: The Movies Carried the Message, 1912-1940.

David Seed has a book (as editor) and an article on nuclear weapons; Future Wars: the Anticipations and the Fears includes a chapter on the book Fail-safe and its cinematic progeny, and an article in The British Journal for the History of Science on the film Seven Days to Noon. Both items are nicely complemented by Ringstad’s article, The Evolution of American Civil Defense Film Rhetoric.

Media Screen Roundup (Mar 2013) IHR-BUFVC (184 kb PDF)



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