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The Tempest for iPad

Much more than a digital book, the The Tempest for iPad by Luminary Digital Media is designed for social reading, authoring, and sharing. Developed at the Center for Research Computing at the University of Notre Dame, its aim is to allow readers – be they students, scholars or enthusiasts – to dynamically experience Shakespeare’s play.

Readers can:

• Learn from short expert commentaries provided by the world’s leading Shakespeare scholars, artists and teachers.

• Listen to a full-length scrolling audio performance from the noted company Actors From the London Stage. Additional audio takes provide alternative performances of key passages.

• Share notes immediately to a Facebook discussion group.

• Create a custom play text. Readers choose key passages, annotate them, and share with friends and colleagues worldwide.

• Enjoy illustrations, podcasts and videos from The Folger Shakespeare Library’s collection.

• Customize their experience, choosing only the content and tools they want, when they want them.

Scholarly contributors include: Brian Cummings, Michael Dobson, Marjorie Garber, Peter Holland, Alex Huang, Jesse Lander, Ellen Mackay, Kristen Poole, Joseph Roach, Katherine Rowe, Lauren Shohet, Brian Walsh and Mike Witmore.

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