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Radio 4 programmes on the financial crisis

To tie in with Radio 4’s continuing focus on the biggest global economic slowdown for six decades, the BBC has set up the Economies in Crisis web page that brings together a range of Radio 4 programmes broadcast over recent months looking at the economy, business and economic theory – from bailing out the banks and crises in the Eurozone, to UK austerity measures and economic slowdown. These include:

  • The New Global Economics in which Martin Wolf examines how the world has changed since the beginning of the financial crisis four years ago;
  • Analysis: The Darwin Economy in which Professor Robert Frank explains why he thinks Darwin was a better economist than Adam Smith;
  • Stephanie Flanders (Image: BBC / Twitter)

    Stephanomics in which Stephanie Flanders discusses the global financial crisis with top economic thinkers;

  • Capitalism on Trial in which Michael Portillo weighs up the costs and benefits of the economic system that governs our lives;
  • Keynes vs. Hayek in which Paul Mason chairs a debate between followers of the contrasting liberal economists, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek;
  • The Story of Economics in which Michael Blastland lays out the history of economic ideas to understand why economics goes wrong and whether it can ever go entirely right;
  • Analysis: Radical Economics – Escaping Credit Serfdom in which Paul Mason asks whether the expansion of credit created a new form of worker exploitation;
  • Analysis: Radical Economics – Yo Hayek! examines why free market Austrian economics have inspired a rap video and attracted new fans;
  • as well as programmes from the In Business and Bottom Line series.

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