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Report on future of BBC World Service

The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association has recently launched a new publication, Brave New World Service. The report, by author, broadcaster and former hostage John McCarthy and CBA researcher Charlotte Jenner, highlights the ways in which the integration of the World Service with the BBC could provide a unique opportunity for the BBC to improve international coverage for UK audiences.

Ever since last autumn’s licence funding agreement there has been widespread concern about the impact of the cuts to be imposed on the World Service over the next two years. Until 2014 the World Service will continue to receive a reduced subsidy from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office [FCO] but after 2014 Government funding will be withdrawn and the Service will be wholly funded by UK licence fee payers and managed as part of the wider BBC.  This report aims to inform wider discussion around the BBC’s vision for a World Service sharing facilities with other BBC news staff and the opportunity this provides for editorial integration of the World Service and BBC domestic news services.

The report is available for free download in pdf format.


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