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Whose Film Is It Anyway? Archival Film Workshop

Archival Film Workshop – Whose Film Is It Anyway?

Thursday 23 June 2011, 10:00 – 16:45

British Library, BLCC Foyle Learning Centre, London.

Booking required, £12 / £15 (lunch included)

The workshop is organised in conjunction with the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, held at UCL from 23 -26 June 2011.

There will be presentations from:

  • Dr Luke McKernan
  • Janet Topp Fargion and Chris Morrison: Copyright and Access to Knowledge
  • Brigitte Vézina: Intellectual Property and the Safeguarding of Traditional Cultures
  • Paul Gerhardt: Catching up with Gutenberg: how moving image is becoming the new vernacular
  • Michael Eaton: introduces his film, MASKS OF MER (2010),
  • Brian Winston: In Allakariallak’s Gaze: the values and limitations of the preserved archival image.
    What is ‘documentary value’ and at what cost is it bought?
  • Isobel Clouter: Intangible heritage – music, performance and dance, in sound, film and text in the
    British Library
  • Janos Tari: The new system of digital access to moving images in the Hungarian Museum of
  • Carlos Y Flores: Ethnographic film, customary law and indigenous video archives in Quiché,
  • Catherine Moore: Breaking films to make them whole – new approaches to the Powell-Cotton
    Angolan Film Archive

To download the programme as a PDF (188 Kb), please click here.

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