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Screen Test symposium

Screen Test Symposium

5 July 2011
University of Portsmouth

The aim of the day is to generate informed debate around the following issues:

  • What is the current state of the field in screen studies research?
  • How does the academic community engage with constituencies beyond the immediate research context?
  • What role do non-academic partners have in promoting access to film and television sources?

While all intellectual fields periodically go through processes of review, this event is particularly driven by timely questions over how the field will respond to two key challenges we face: firstly, evident changes to the funding of arts and humanities research; and secondly, larger questions about the status of film and media scholarship in the changing academic marketplace and what implications this may have for the type of knowledge which colleagues may look to generate in future through their scholarship.

Speakers at the event will include:

  • Sarah Street: Mapping the field in Film Studies research
  • John Ellis: Screen Media research: possible futures
  • John Caughie: AHRC funding in Screen Studies Research – some reflections
  • Rachel Moseley: Making Research Matter: A History of Television for Women in Britain, 1947-1989
  • Jonathan Bignell: Spaces of Television
  • James Bennett: Multiplatforming Public Service Broadcasting
  • Luis Carrasqueiro (BUFVC): Open For Research: Research partnerships with universities and industry
  • Jacquie Kavanagh (BBC): BBC Written Archives
  • Richard Patterson (BFI): Research priorities at the BFI


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