‘The Listener’ online archive

The Listener, 23 June 1937

The Listener, 23 June 1937

The Listener was a BBC broadcast magazine, a more upmarket and intellectually stimulating alternative to the Radio Times. Its content has now been digitised and is available for educational use through a partnership with Cengage Learning.

Originally launched in 1929 it ran to almost 3,200 weekly issues before closing in 1991. This new digital collection offers researchers and students access to the complete, fully searchable facsimile online archive, consisting of the complete 62 year run of the paper, allowing users to search across 129,000 pages and more than 226,000 articles  – digitised from originals in full colour. A gallery of selected Listener covers can be found over at The Guardian website.

The Listener Historical Archive is only available for institutions to trial and purchase. The archive is not available at this stage for individual subscriptions.

For further details, visit: http://gale.cengage.co.uk/contact.aspx

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