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The Politics of Television Space

A one-day symposium

Friday 8 April 2011
University of Leicester
Attenborough Seminar Block
Rooms 210 / 212
10.00 am – 6.00 pm

The first symposium arising from the AHRC-funded project, ‘Spaces of Television’ will focus on the theme of ‘The Politics of Television Space’

Keynote speaker:Peter Hutchings (author of Hammer and Beyond: The British Horror Film): ‘Dangerous Spaces: Studios, video and the 1970s psychological thriller’.

Guest speakers: Howard Schuman (writer of Rock Follies and many single plays) and Piers Haggard (director of Pennies from Heaven and The Quatermass Conclusion) will discuss their experiences of working in a variety of production contexts and environments.


Matthew Bailey: ‘Corridors of power: the depiction of the House of Commons in television drama’

Jonathan Bignell: ‘Modernity and spatial politics: Gerry Anderson’s puppet science fictions’

E. Anna Claydon: ‘The Detective, the Criminal and the Countryside: the place of rural Britain in the criminal landscape’

David Dunn: ‘A Tangle with the Isles: Contested spaces in Scottish Television’s Gaelic soap opera Machair.

Richard Hewett: ‘Survivors: modes of production and acting style’

Rachael Keene: ‘Breaking up the Sameness’: Channel 4’s Eleventh Hour and the scheduling of independent film and video on British television’

Douglas McNaughton: ‘Imperial Spaces: I, Claudius and constructing the Eternal City at White City’

Laura Mayne: ‘A sense of time and place’: examining the regional aesthetic in the work of Channel 4’s first Commissioning Editor for Fiction, David Rose’

Andrew O’Day: ‘“I, Spy, with my little eye”: Surveillance and space in Doctor Who

Leah Panos: ‘Humanising politics: dramatic space in Trevor Griffiths’ studio plays’

Sally Shaw: ‘Light entertainment’ as contested socio-political space: audience and institutional responses to Love Thy Neighbour (1972-76)’

Sheryl Wilson and Simon Cross: In Two Minds and the politics of madness

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