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Troubled Minds wins BAFTA

Troubled Minds, produced for Teachers TV with the support of the Wellcome Trust, is a series of four short, animated documentaries that use real testimony from young people who have experienced different forms of mental distress, including anxiety disorders, self-harm and depression, eating disorders, and the social distress resulting from Asperger’s Syndrome. The aim is to facilitate greater understanding and discussion of conditions that can be debilitating and very isolating for the young people who experience them.

The series, produced by Mosaic Films, has just won the Secondary Learning Award at BAFTA, in addition to the Mental Health Media Award for Young People’s Media last week.

The programmes are available to watch or download free from the Teachers TV website.

These four programmes are new additions to the Animated Minds series which focuses on adults’ experiences of bipolar disorder, psychosis, panic attack, and obsessive compulsive disorder. All eight programmes are available for viewing or purchase on DVD via the Animated Minds website.

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