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Portrait of a queen

Portrait of a queen
Interview; Documentary; Speech
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4 Aug 1980
Year of production
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Portrait Of A Queen. A documentary about the life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Includes contributions by Royal court correspondent Godfrey Talbot; speech by King Edward VIII following his abdication; announcement by Neville Chamberlain of the start of war with Germany; eight separate speeches by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; commentary on George VI’s funeral by reporter Howard Marshall; an excerpt of a speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie. Researched by Vicky Leonard and Charlie Rose, engineered by Tim Wyatt, produced by Bavin Cook, and written and presented by Dickie Arbiter.
Robert Runcie; Charlie Rose; Bavin Cook; Dickie Arbiter; Neville Chamberlain; King Edward VIII; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; Godfrey Talbot; Vicky Leonard; Tim Wyatt; Howard Marshall
Coronations (events); Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Philip; Duke of Edinburgh; Royal family; Royalty; King George VI; Princess Margaret; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; Royal funerals; Coronation of George VI (1937); Neville Chamberlain; Abdication of Edward VIII; Abdications (events); King Edward VIII; Winston Churchill (1874-1965); Robert Menzies

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