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News review ‘94 London News version

News review ‘94 London News version
News report; Interview; Press conference; Vox pop; Speech; Tribute; Parliamentary debate
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30 Dec 1994
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Jeff Collins presents News Review ‘94, a look back at the stories which made the news during the year with financial stories reviewed by Mark Gayer(?), political stories by political editor Ed Boyle, Max Cotton on Labour Party stories, and a look at lighthearted moments in the Commons. Version for London News 97.3FM. Amongst top stories: kidnapping of baby Abbie Humphries; IRA bombing of Heathrow Airport; launch of the national lottery; 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings; discovery of Fred and Rosemary West murder victims; opening of Channel Tunnel; back to basics policy; cash for questions scandal; death of Labour Party leader John Smith and Tony Blair becoming leader; policy on Europe; IRA and loyalist ceasefire. Co-written by Jeff Collins, produced and co-written by Charlie Rose. In 12 parts - breaks in recording. Numerous speakers as noted in contributors, plus some not identified.
Norman Fowler; Queen Elizabeth II; Ian Paisley; Kenneth Clarke; Charlie Rose; Betty Boothroyd; John Major; Gerry Adams; John Hume; Paddy Ashdown; Tony Blair; Jeremy Hanley; Jonathan Aitken; George Walker; Ed Boyle; Michael Portillo; Jeff Collins; Max Cotton; Bill Clinton; Albert Reynolds; Jimmy Knapp; Gordon Brown; Colin Stagg; David Rigg; Kevin Murphy; Louise Whitefield; George Galloway; David King; Barbara Cartland; Mark Gayer(?); Paul Hill; Gillian Taylforth; George Russell; George Michael; Michael Morris; Duncan Diamond; Ffyona Campbell; John Magill; Terry Maguire; Steven Spielberg; Liz Maxwell; Malcolm Gordon; Shane Glynn; George Kenny; Paul Eagle; Margaret Wright; Maggie Philbin; Roger Boyes; Peter Wilkinson; Steve Austin; Colin Chandler; Kenneth Halman; Valerie(?) Martin; London News 97.3
Deaths; Elections; Politics; Awards; Trade unions; Internal politics; Labour Party; Heart transplantation; Heathrow Airport; Strikes; Labour disputes; Fraud; Parliamentary bills; Northern Ireland; Economics; Fires; Anniversary celebrations; Terrorism; Conservative Party; IRA; International relations; Demonstrations; Motor vehicle industry; Council housing; Railway workers; Homicide; Libel; Motorways; Films; Murder trials; Nuclear weapons; Political corruption; Building societies; Trials; Peacebuilding; Europe; Military operations; Westminster City Council; Submarines; Railway services; Operation Overlord (1944); Channel tunnels; Public houses; Share dealing; Value Added Tax; Disasters (events); National lotteries; Bombs; Political leaders; Babies; Road construction; City councils; Abduction; Railway accidents; Appeals; John Smith; Rachel Nickell; Schindler’s List; RMT; Oscars; Rosemary West; EU; Anniversaries; Dead bodies; Political scandals; Ramsgate; Eastleigh; Robert Black; Susan Maxwell; Stephen Milligan; Frederick West; Streptococcal infections; Loughinisland; Abbie Humphries; Julie Kelley; Halifax Building Society; Second World War (1939 - 1945)

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