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Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary
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7 Nov 1980
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Decision Makers with Dave Loyn on change in Poland: new trade union movement and the union Solidarity; economic problems; influence of Pope John Paul II and Catholicism; human rights; possible influence on rest of Eastern Europe and Soviet block; views of USA and Soviet Union; possibility of Russian invasion. Contributions from UK Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington (Peter Carington); Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, Marian Dobrosielski; Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa; other members of Solidarity, the Polish government, and journalists. Engineer Colin Clements.
Dave Loyn; Peter Carington; Colin Clements; Marian Dobrosielski; Lech Walesa
USA; Popes; Pope John Paul II; Karol Wojtyla; Human rights; Trade unions; Labour disputes; Economics; USSR; International relations; Roman Catholicism; Political reform; Communism; Poland; Solidarity; Civil and political rights; Security; Religious belief; Communist parties; Eastern Europe; Democratization; Economic reform

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