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Political review of the year

Political review of the year
Interview; Press conference; Speech; Parliamentary debate; News bulletin; Music
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27 Dec 1982
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Peter Allen presents a political review of 1982. Topics include Falklands War, resulting nationalism and sinking of General Belgrano Argentine warship; SDP win at Glasgow Hillhead by-election and leadership contest; Northern Ireland; spies; nuclear defence; economics; industrial disputes; Militant wing in Labour. Speaking are: Conservative Party MP John Stokes; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; Defence Secretary John Nott; Labour Party leader Michael Foot; new Foreign Secretary, Francis Pym; Labour MP Tony Benn; MOD spokesman Ian McDonald; Welsh MP Leo Abse; UU MP Enoch Powell; Labour deputy leader Denis Healey; Labour defence spokesman John Silkin; Transport Secretary David Howell; Health Secretary Norman Fowler; Labour MP Gwyneth Dunwoody; former Prime Minister Ted Heath; Chancellor Geoffrey Howe; Labour MP Roy Hattersley; deputy Prime Minister Willie Whitelaw; Labour MP George Cunningham; junior Northern Ireland minister John Patten; Industry Secretary Patrick Jenkin; Labour MP Dennis Skinner; SDP MPs David Steel and Shirley Williams; Labour employment spokesman Eric Varley; Labour MP Barry Jones; Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington (Peter Carington); Employment Secretary Norman Tebbit; Northern Ireland Secretary Jim Prior; Labour NEC secretary Jim Mortimer; Roy Jenkins SDP MP. Also nationalistic pop song; Argentinean news bulletin and nationalistic song; woman accusing Tony Benn of cowardice. Produced by IRN’s Political Unit with help from Claire Murfett(?), Dave Dawson and Heather Branwell.
Francis Pym; Norman Fowler; John Silkin; Geoffrey Howe; James Prior; Margaret Thatcher; Edward Heath; David Steel; Norman Tebbit; William Whitelaw; Eric Varley; Leo Abse; Peter Allen; Patrick Jenkin; Shirley Williams; Roy Hattersley; Tony Benn; Jim Mortimer; Denis Healey; Roy Jenkins; Enoch Powell; David Howell; Michael Foot; Dennis Skinner; Peter Carington; Dave Dawson; John Nott; Heather Branwell; George Cunningham; Gwyneth Dunwoody; John Patten; Barry Jones; John Stokes; Ian McDonald; Claire(?) Murfett(?)
USA; Elections; Shipwrecks; Politics; Trade unions; Government; Internal politics; Labour Party; Strikes; Labour disputes; TUC; Northern Ireland; Labour relations; Parliament; Terrorism; Police; UK; Great Britain; ASLEF; NUR; Conservative Party; Political conferences; Liberal Party; USSR; Unemployment; International relations; Steel industry; UN; Political manifestos; Political leadership; Political parties; Conferences; Queen Elizabeth II; Homosexuality; Sinn Fein; SDLP; Wales; Economic systems; Espionage; Conflict resolution; Nuclear weapons; Spies; Defence policy; Economic recession; Europe; Missiles; SDP; CND; Falklands War (1982); Argentina; Falkland Islands; Intelligence service; War (concept); Ronald Reagan; Anti-nuclear movements; Security; Buckingham Palace; Politicians; Warships; Greenham Common; Public opinion polls; Parliamentary candidates; Wars (events); Debts; Bombs; Political leaders; Trade; Ken Livingstone; Political scandals; Military bases; Michael Trestrail; General Belgrano; Nationalism; Militant Tendency; Peter Tatchell; Ballykelly; James Wellbeloved; Geoffrey Prime

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