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Review of the year

Review of the year
News report; Interview; Press conference; Election coverage; Obituary; Special
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31 Dec 1981
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A review of 1981, presented by John Greenwood and researched by Charlie Rose. Topics covered include the hunt for and arrest of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe; the release of US hostages in Iran just half an hour after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as US President; the setting up of the Social Democratic Party (SDP); the engagement and wedding of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer; the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland; the IRA bomb attack on Oxford Street; the assassination attempts on Ronald Reagan and the Pope and the actual assassination of Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat; inner city riots in Britain; the imposition of martial law in Poland. Includes contributions by: Ronald Reagan; released US hostages; Shirley Williams; Labour leader Michael Foot; Labour MP, Tony Benn; Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer; Barbara Cartland; Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; George H.W. Bush; Lord Leslie Scarman; Len Murray; John Wells; John McEnroe; Ian Botham; Harry Secombe; Ronnie Biggs; Bill Haley, Bill Shankly, Alvar Lidell, and Jack Warner (the last four of whom died this year). Reporters include Andrew Simmons; Eamonn Mallie; Bob Holness; Peter Rosser; Adrian Metcalfe.
Margaret Thatcher; Len Murray; Bob Holness; Shirley Williams; Tony Benn; John Wells; Michael Foot; Ian Paisley; Robert Runcie; John Greenwood; Prince Charles; Leslie Scarman; Charlie Rose; Ronald Reagan; Romuald Spasowski; Kiri Te Kanawa; Bill Shankly; Harry Secombe; Prince of Wales; Alvar Lidell; Princess of Wales; Princess Diana; Sebastian Coe; Ian Botham; George H. W. Bush; Barbara Cartland; John McEnroe; Diana Spencer; Doreen Hill; Adrian Metcalfe; Ronald Biggs; James Hobson; Peter Rosser; Bill Haley; Jack Warner
Iran; Popes; Deaths; Pope John Paul II; Politics; Sport; Labour Party; Margaret Thatcher; IRA; David Owen; Political parties; Homicide; Athletics; Queen Elizabeth II; Murderers; Cricket; Yorkshire Ripper; Peter Sutcliffe; Riots; Prime ministers; Hostages; Royal family; Presidents; Royalty; Poland; Royal weddings; Roy Jenkins; SDP; Brixton; Toxteth; Anwar Sadat; Ronald Reagan; Politicians; Denis Healey; Prisoners; Channel 4; Criminal investigation; Military law; Looting; Lawn tennis; Arrests; Sebastian Coe; Denis Thatcher; Lech Walesa; Kiri Te Kanawa; Jacqueline Hill; Angela Rippon; Bill Rodgers; Bobby Sands; John Young; Robert Crippen; Anna Ford; Bill Shankly; Alvar Lidell; Cynthia Dyer; John Hinckley; Marcus Sergeant; Bill Haley; Jack Warner

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