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Crusader 80 military exercise

Crusader 80 military exercise
News report; Interview; Press conference; Special
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Sep 1980
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A series of 16 clips from the Crusader 80 military exercise by NATO alliance forces in West Germany in Aug-Sept 1980, including actuality. Male reporters and interviewers not identified, speakers not identified except where stated.1.Interview on the contribution of the UK to NATO.2. Army damage control officer, Bob Davies, on the effect of the military activity on the environment.3.Report on the start of the fighting in Operation Spearpoint, the main battle.4. Interview on possible problems airborne troops may face.5. Interview on the armoured vehicles used in the exercise.6. Reporter accompanies troops during a mock battle. A male soldier describes their progress and a soldier who has been ‘killed’ comments.7. Report on the closing days of the exercise. Brigadier Keith Davies(?) and soldier Andy Collins describe difficulties exhaustion has caused.8.Report on Harrier aircraft taking part in the exercise. Squadron leader Keith Jennings(?) comments.9. Report on the border between East and West Germany. British frontier man Fred Hope(?) and locals Verna and Renata Fruza(?) comment. 10. Rounding up of the events of the mock war. Colonel Paul Schwartz(?) and male British and American military staff comment.11. Interview on preparations for the exercises.12. Interview on a road accident involving troops.13. Report on the Soviet military exercises being played in parallel. General Rogers(?), in charge of the NATO exercise, comments to the press.14.Report on the mass movement of troops and equipment to West Germany. With comment from Deputy Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Colonel Jonathan Alford; Secretary General of NATO, Joseph Luns; Territorial Army Major Geoffrey Hope(?).15. Interview on how troops are trained to cope with chemical warfare.16. Report on the end of the exercise. Comment from Colonel Pettigrew and claims assessor David Taylor.
Joseph Luns; Jonathan Alford; Bob Davies; Keith Davies(?); Keith Jennings(?); Fred Hope(?); Verna Fruza(?); Renata Fruza(?); Paul Schwartz(?); Geoffrey Hope(?)
USA; Weather; Armed forces; Travel; UK; USSR; Military aircraft; International relations; Military affairs; Children (age group); Compensation; Children (family); Military training; NATO; Medical treatment; Air force; Military exercises; War (concept); Army personnel; Territorial army; Sleep; Soldiers; War casualties; Road accidents; Chemical weapons; Military equipment; Human activities effects; Germany FR; International defence; Battles; Chemical warfare; Borders; Injury; Germans

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