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IRA bomb survivors

IRA bomb survivors
Interview; Documentary
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6 Nov 1981
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Documentary on survivors of IRA bomb attacks, presented by Di Latham. Interviewees are Major-General Sir Steuart Pringle, who survived an IRA bomb attack (17/10/81) but lost a leg as a result; Ray Hassan(?), who was blinded and partially deafened by a parcel bomb which exploded while he was serving in Northern Ireland; Lieutenant Paul Carroll(?), who lost a leg when a radio-controlled bomb hidden in a lamp post exploded. The men believe they were legitimate targets because they chose to join the Army and there are people in Northern Ireland who are willing to die for their cause.
Di Latham; Steuart Pringle; Ray Hassan(?); Paul Carroll(?)
Injuries; Internal politics; Northern Ireland; Terrorism; British; IRA; Guerrilla warfare; Deafness; Army; Soldiers; Bombs; Explosions; Blindness; Artificial limbs; Steuart Pringle; Ray Hassan(?); Paul Carroll(?)

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