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A question of race

A question of race
Interview; Documentary; Speech; Music; Special
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12 Sep 1981
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A Question of Race. Part 2: Strange Fruit. A documentary presented by John Thompson covering race relations. Part 2 looks at the results of racist ideology. Topics covered include: Nazi Germany and the Holocaust; how the Germans felt no remorse about their actions, and how some believe the Holocaust never happened. Also examines anti-Semitism in the Middle East; slavery and racism in the United States; the dispossession and destruction of native American territory; slaughter of Australian Aborigines; the apartheid regime in South Africa; racism in the UK. The speakers include: Leslie Hardman, Jewish Army chaplain; Dr Jacob Gewirtz, Board of Deputies of British Jews; Professor John Rex, Aston University; Philip Mason, race relations historian; Martin Luther King, civil rights leader; Professor Steven Rose; Peter Hain, anti-apartheid campaigner; Dorothy Kuya, race relations advisor to Haringey Council. Includes music by Josh White; Nina Simone; Billie Holiday; Richie Havens; Don Fardon; Bob Marley. Includes historical readings by Vivian White; poss. Des Fahy?. Male continuity announcer not identified.
Vivian White; Peter Hain; John Thompson; John Rex; Leslie Hardman; Philip Mason; Steven Rose; Dorothy Kuya; Martin Luther King; Des Fahy?; Jacob Gewirtz
Interethnic relations; South Africa; UK; Great Britain; Apartheid; Equal opportunity; Racial discrimination; National Front; Jews; Discrimination; Slavery; African-American peoples; Black peoples; Racial segregation; Antisemitism; Holocaust; Nazism; Fascism; Amerindian cultures

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