After eight special - The wreck game

After eight special - The wreck game
Interview; Documentary; Special
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11 Aug 1980
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The Wreck Game, an After Eight Special programme on the treasures beneath the waves, presented by Hugh Williams. Examines the increasingly sophisticated techniques and technology used in underwater archaeology. Topics covered include: the recovery of the Mary Rose (Tudor warship); the costs involved in financing major diving projects; attempts to salvage the Titanic. Speakers include: Margaret Rule, Mary Rose project leader; John Gratton, Fathom Line; Roland Morris, amateur diver; Alan Bask(?), Plymouth Underwater Project; Prince of Wales, Prince Charles; Tony Stevens(?), Marine Cranes director; Frank Prentice, purser on the Titanic. Reporters include: Rob Widdows; Mike Dickin. Studio production by Tim White and Bavin Cook.
Prince Charles; Hugh Williams; Mike Dickin; Bavin Cook; Prince of Wales; Tim White; Margaret Rule; Frank Prentice; John Gratton; Roland Morris; Alan Bask(?); Tony Stevens(?); Rob Widdows
Shipwrecks; Finance; Royal family; Royalty; Ships; Titanic; Ocean liners; Heritage conservation; Salvage; Oceans; Seas; Mary Rose; Underwater archaeology

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