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12 Mar 1984
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NewsRevue - an episode of the topical satirical comedy song and sketch show. Individuals sent up include UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, her husband Denis Thatcher and son Mark Thatcher; US President Ronald Reagan UK Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe; reporter Nicola Ronson(?); Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; media mogul Rupert Murdoch; cricketer David Gower; head of the NCB Ian MacGregor; Education and Science Secretary Sir Keith Joseph; Chancellor Nigel Lawson; Democrat Senator Gary Hart. Topics mentioned/lampooned: Barclays Bank, Liverpool, CND, Virgin Atlantic, the MOD, boxing, BUPA, James Bond, Ford, Festival of Light, GI Joe and the Cold War. Performed by Rory Bremner, Jessica Martin and Simon Mattacks. Written by Elaine Cook, Mark Brissenden, Nick Yapp, Ian Christiansen, Geoff Woolley(?), John Pellat (?), Neil Raphael, Sharon Winton(?), Noel Christopher and Graham Frost.
Graham Frost; Rory Bremner; Jessica Martin; Neil Raphael; Geoff Woolley(?); Elaine Cook; Nick Yapp; Sharon Winton(?); Simon Mattacks; Noel Christopher; John Pellat(?); Mark Brissenden; Ian Christiansen
Comedy; Margaret Thatcher; Liverpool; Car industry; Airlines; Cricket; Private health care; Keith Joseph; Barclays Bank; NCB; Geoffrey Howe; Cold War; Festivals; Royal family; Royalty; Prince Charles; CND; Rupert Murdoch; Banks; Ronald Reagan; Anti-nuclear movements; James Bond (fictional character); Nigel Lawson; Political satire; Boxing; MOD; Ford Motor Company; Prince of Wales; Mark Thatcher; Ian MacGregor; Gary Hart; Denis Thatcher; David Gower; English (cultural identity); Virgin Atlantic; Nicola Ronson(?); Bupa; Festival of Light; GI Joe

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