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5 Mar 1984
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NewsRevue - an episode of the topical satirical comedy song and sketch show. Individuals sent up include UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, her husband Denis Thatcher and son Mark Thatcher; Labour MP Tony Benn; Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock; US President Ronald Reagan; UK Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe; journalist Sandy Gall; US Secretary of Defence Caspar Weinberger; Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Diana, Princess of Wales; comedians Tracey Ullman, Griff Rhys Jones and Mel Smith; actress Katie Rabett; Employment Secretary Tom King; Reverend John Layton; reporter Janet Street Porter; journalist Derek Jameson; model Joyce McKinney; former Prime Minister Winston Churchill; TUC General Secretary Len Murray; presenter Brian Hayes; writers Virginia Woolf and Germaine Greer. Topics covered include the GCHQ employees being banned from trade unions; football hooligans; the French; women priests; Chesterfield by-election; films Kramer vs. Kramer and Man, Woman and Child; the BBC. Performers include Joanna Brookes, Andrina Carroll, Jessica Martin, Rory Bremner, Jim Kirby and Graham Frost. Writers are Mark Brissenden, Neil Raphael, Ian Christiansen, Geoff Woolley(?), Elaine Cook, John Pellat(?), Nick Yapp, Sharon Winton(?), Michael Furze(?), Liz Lockhead (?) and John Simpson.
Graham Frost; Rory Bremner; John Simpson; Joanna Brookes; Andrina Carroll; Jessica Martin; Jim Kirby; Neil Raphael; Geoff Woolley(?); Elaine Cook; Nick Yapp; Sharon Winton(?); Michael Furze(?); Liz Lockhead(?); John Pellat(?); Mark Brissenden; Ian Christiansen
Comedy; Authors; Elections; Trade unions; TUC; Margaret Thatcher; Writers; BBC; Association football; Clergy; Hooliganism; Films; Geoffrey Howe; Royal family; Royalty; Prince Charles; Civil and political rights; Ronald Reagan; Politicians; Virginia Woolf; Neil Kinnock; GCHQ; Tony Benn; Journalists; Comedians; Political leaders; Political satire; Len Murray; Derek Jameson; Brian Hayes; Joyce McKinney; Princess Diana; Priests; Ordination of women; Princess of Wales; TV/radio presenters; Prince of Wales; Trade union members; Tom King; Mark Thatcher; Caspar Weinberger; Denis Thatcher; Sandy Gall; Germaine Greer; Mel Smith; Chesterfield; Griff Rhys Jones; English (cultural identity); French; Winston Churchill (1874-1965); Tracey Ullman; Katie Rabett; John Layton; Janet Street Porter; Kramer vs. Kramer; Man, Woman and Child

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