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LBC Crown FM - First broadcast

LBC Crown FM - First broadcast
News report; Interview; Speech; News bulletin; Advertisement; Jingle; Trailer
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2 Oct 1989
Year of production
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Recording of the first hour of LBC Crown FM, 5.58-7.00am on 02/10/89. Includes the end of the Dawn Traders programme with Graham Sidwell; travel news with Graham Lyle, produced by Darrell(?) Thompson(?). LBC Crown FM broadcast includes introduction by Douglas Cameron. The breakfast programme is presented by Brian Widlake. The news bulletin is read by Alan Clark, with reports by Peter Russell; Peter Murphy; Douglas Moffitt; Catherine Field; Tim Crook; Des Fahy; Rodney Bennett; James Bays; Lawrence Spicer; financial news with Robin Amlot; sports news with Pam Dixon(?); travel information with Steve Crozier; weather with Philip Eden; interviews with Roy Hattersley on Labour Party conference; vox pop with schoolchildren in Islington; Christopher Merlin, Christina(?) Merlin, Martyn Day, on radioactivity risks near Sellafield nuclear plant; Nigel de Gruchy, NAS/UWT on Government school reforms; speech by Dennis Skinner at Labour Party conference; Graham Hitchen, National Campaign for the Arts, David Whelton, The Philharmonia orchestra; on arts funding; Archbishop Robert Runcie and Pope John Paul II on their meeting in Rome. Includes advertisements for Addison Lee car hire and other organisations (including voices of Christopher Martin-Jenkins; Ned Sherrin; Chris Barrie?; William Franklyn); trailers. Also includes review of morning newspapers by Brian Widlake.
Peter Murphy; Roy Hattersley; Pope John Paul II; Robert Runcie; Dennis Skinner; William Franklyn; Lawrence Spicer; Rodney Bennett; Tim Crook; Des Fahy; Nigel de Gruchy; Douglas Cameron; Steve Crozier; Douglas Moffitt; Graham Sidwell; Philip Eden; James Bays; Graham Lyle; Robin Amlot; Peter Russell; Chris Barrie?; Martyn Day; Catherine Field; Brian Widlake; Darrell(?) Thompson(?); Pam Dixon(?); Christopher Merlin; Graham Hitchen; David Whelton; Christopher Martin-Jenkins; Ned Sherrin; Christina(?) Merlin; Alan Clark (LBC)
London; Labour Party; Economics; Education; Religion; UK; Great Britain; Radio stations; Broadcasting; Conferences; Germany; Nuclear power stations; Church of England; Christianity; Anglicanism; Radio; Catholicism; Sellafield; Arts administration; LBC Crown FM

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