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Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Speech
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12 Dec 1981
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Decision Makers- the Middle East after the death of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, presented by Jim Hancock. About the separate Palestinian state proposed by Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia, the Camp David agreements, the failed Arab Summit in Fez, prospects for peace and the end to a common European approach. Also effects on Anglo-US relations. Speaks to Shlomo Argov, Israeli ambassador in London; Professor Musa Musawi; Anthony Kershaw, chairman of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs; Dr Abbas Kelidar, specialist in Middle East politics. We hear from Douglas Hurd and Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington (Peter Carington) speaking in the Commons. Researcher Martha Kearney.
Peter Carington; Jim Hancock; Anthony Kershaw; Martha Kearney; Shlomo Argov; Musa Musawi; Douglas Hurd; Abbas Kelidar
USA; Deaths; Egypt; Israel; Middle East; Jewish-Arab relations; UK; International relations; Presidents; Peacebuilding; Europe; Palestine; Camp David; Prince Fahd; Anwar Sadat; Political leaders; Palestinian Arabs; Bilateral relations

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