Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Vox pop
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29 Nov 1981
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As riots engulf Brixton, Decision Makers looks at the summer of violence, policing and the inner cities. Lord Scarman has released a report on the riots, highlighting the causes and problems, such as police insensitivity in the community. Members of the public explain the reasons for the riots, including unemployment and neighbourhood deprivation. Speaking are: Leslie Scarman; Ras Simi, Rastafarian; Astel(?) Parkinson, youth worker in Brixton; Barry Pain, Chief Constable of Kent; Jan Cooper, Brixton Council of Churches; Paul Boateng, Chairman of the Police Committe of the GLC; Bob Nind, vicar of St Matthew’s in Brixton; Ted Knight, Lambeth Council leader; Environment Secretary Michael Heseltine; Philip Knights, Chief Constable of the West Midlands; Margaret Simey, head of the Mersyside police authority; Vernett Showers; Roy Hattersley, shadow Home Secretary. Presented by Dave Loyn. Researcher Charlie Rose. Engineer Heather Branwell.
Michael Heseltine; Roy Hattersley; Ted Knight; Dave Loyn; Heather Branwell; Leslie Scarman; Astel(?) Parkinson; Jan Cooper; Paul Boateng; Bob Nind; Margaret Simey; Charlie Rose; Ras Simi; Philip Knights; Barry Pain; Vernett Showers
London; Reports; Social problems; Interethnic relations; Police; Liverpool; Unemployment; Riots; Policing practice; Police personnel; Racism; Brixton; Toxteth; Scarman Report; Urban areas; Institutional racism

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