Decision makers

Decision makers
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8 Mar 1981
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Decision Makers, presented by Peter Murphy. In 2 parts. First looks at the break from the Labour Party of 12 members to form the Council for Social Democracy following decisions to change how the Labour leader is elected, and what they aim to do as a separate party. The second half looks at what may be in store in next week’s Budget. Speaks to MPs Shirley Williams, John Cartwright, Bill Rodgers, David Owen and Edward du Cann; David Steel, Liberal Party leader; Peter Shore, shadow Chancellor; Gavin Davis, economist. Speeches by Geoffrey Howe, Chancellor and Douglas Jay MP in the Commons. Engineer Colin Clements. Two trailers for this programme follow.
William Rodgers; Geoffrey Howe; David Steel; Shirley Williams; Peter Shore; Peter Murphy; Edward du Cann; David Owen; Colin Clements; Douglas Jay; Gavin Davis; John Cartwright
Budgets; Labour Party; Economy; Monetary policy; Electoral reform; Members of Parliament; Economic recession; National budgets; Party politics; Council for Social Democracy

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