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Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Speech
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6 Feb 1981
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Decision Makers- the Labour Party’s decision to elect future leaders through an electoral college, presented by Judith Dawson. With a majority trade union vote, is this more or less democratic than the existing system, and what does it mean for the future of the Labour Party? Speaks to those both for and against the decision made at the last conference: Michael Foot, Labour leader; Terry Duffy, engineering workers’ union leader; Sid Weighell?, NUR; Clive Jenkins, ASTMS union; Roy Hattersley MP; Shirley Williams MP; Jenny Andrews, local Labour Party chairman. Engineer Dave Dawson.
Clive Jenkins; Shirley Williams; Terry Duffy; Roy Hattersley; Michael Foot; Dave Dawson; Judith Dawson; Jenny Andrews; Sidney Weighell?
Elections; Politics; Trade unions; Labour Party; NUR; Political conferences; Political parties; Conferences; Electoral reform; ASTMS; Political leaders

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