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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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27 Jul 1980
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This week’s edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Keith Howell and investigates the London water supply system past and present. Visits the Metropolitan Water Authority headquarters to talk to Divsisional Manager Laurie Weil(?). Then tours the Kempton Park water treatment works with resident Senior Engineer Ted Wilson and Station Engineer Tony Blake(?) and talks to them about developments in the industry.
Keith Howell; Laurie Weil(?); Ted Wilson; Tony Blake(?)
London; Supply and demand; Prices; Architecture; Television; Water supply; Bills; Career development; Films; History; Steam power; Machinery; Waste water; Rivers; River Thames; Water; Water quality; Angling; Ceremonies; Tunnels; Thames Water; Victorian period; Drought; Water treatment; Occupations; Engines; Personnel; Fish; Christopher Lee; Modernization; Water conservation; Utilities; Water companies; River Lee; Globe Theatre; Drought control; Occupational mobility; Pollutants; Water utilities; Wells; Water resources management; Reservoirs; Co-operation; Job satisfaction; Water pumps; Gravity; Flow; Hydraulic structures; Maintenance; Hydraulic engineering; Hydraulic equipment; New River; Metropolitan Water Authority; Water storage; Kempton Park; Seasons; Industrial buildings; Sinking of the Titanic; Hitler: The Last Ten Days

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