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Decision makers

Decision makers
News report; Interview; Documentary; Vox pop; Speech
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14 May 1983
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Decision Makers. Election Scene is Set, presented by Judith Dawson. The issues and personalities involved in the general election campaign. Re-set parliamentary boundaries and the new SDP-Liberal Alliance will have a large effect. Speaks to Peter Kellner of the New Statesman; Christopher Husbands and Patrick Dunleavy of the LSE; Bob Wooster of MORI and Bernard Barnett, editor of Campaign. Vox pop from members of the public and excerpt of speech by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Second half looks at three areas affected by boundary changes and Thatcher’s policies: Scotland report by Ben Brown of Radio Clyde; Midlands reported by Brian King of BRMB Radio; Liverpool report by Paul Rowley of Radio City. Researcher: Janice Sutherland; Engineer: Colin Clements.
Margaret Thatcher; Colin Clements; Judith Dawson; Peter Kellner; Brian King; Janice Sutherland; Bob Wooster; Christopher Husbands; Bernard Barnett; Ben Brown; Paul Rowley; Radio Clyde; BRMB Radio; Radio City; Patrick Dunleavy
Elections; Labour Party; Economics; Conservative Party; Liberal Party; Liverpool; Scotland; Unemployment; Political manifestos; Political parties; Constituency boundaries; Political reform; SDP; SDP-Liberal Alliance; General elections; Public opinion polls; Midlands; Election campaigns

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