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City week

City week
News report; Interview; Parliamentary debate; Consumer advice
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City Week. First edition of a new series. Presented by IRN Financial Editor Douglas Moffitt; directed by Ray Gannon(?). Produced by the IRN Financial Unit. Includes stock market update. Also report on the new Price Commission, with excerpts from Parliamentary debates on the restriction of price increases with Treasury Secretary Joel Barnett, Dennis Skinner MP, Chancellor Denis Healey, Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection, Roy Hattersley. Dick Grace of Conti Commodities reports on the commodity market. Tom Maddocks reports on British gold and money reserves. Interview with Trevor Larn(?), Senior Economist at stockbrokers Grieveson Grant, on his views. Tom Maddocks also reports on foreign aid, including interview with Judith Hart, Minister for Overseas Development. Douglas Moffitt interviews Bob Beckman, Editor of Investors Bulletin on the housing market and its state in an economic bust.
Joel Barnett; Roy Hattersley; Denis Healey; Judith Hart; Dennis Skinner; Bob Beckman; Tom Maddocks; Douglas Moffitt; Ray Gannon(?); Dick Grace; Trevor Larn(?)
Prices; Inflation; Economics; Price policy; Finance; Investment; Economic systems; Economic recession; Consumers; Consumer protection; Prices legislation; Foreign aid; Share dealing; Commodity prices; Savings; Financial markets; Commodities; Gold trade; Monetary gold; Precious metals industry; Sugar trade; Coffee trade; Cocoa trade; Multilateral aid; Real property; Real estate investment

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