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UN calls for release of Iran hostages

UN calls for release of Iran hostages
News report; Press conference; Speech
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The UN Security Council has issued a resolution calling for the immediate release of the US diplomats being held hostage in Iran. US President Jimmy Carter has cancelled a visit to Canada. Hostage Bruce Laingen has been able to make contact with the revolutionary government. US State Department chief spokesman Hodding Carter III says people are engaged in diplomatic activities, but that he has no idea when the hostages will be released. The Palestinian Liberation Organization is still the only one likely to be able to negotiate, but in exchange it would want recognition by the USA. President Carter met relatives and friends of the hostages. One of the relatives (an unidentified male) asks for peaceful ways in which to show support. Americans and pro-Ayatollah Iranian students are protesting against and for Iran in the USA. The reporter is Andrew Manderstam.
Andrew Manderstam; Hodding Carter III
USA; Iran; Embassies and consulates; PLO; International relations; Jimmy Carter; Hostages; US Embassy; Diplomats; Family; Iranian revolution (1979); Ruhollah Khomeini; UN Security Council; Bruce Laingen

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