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Down to earth
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Independent Radio presents Down to Earth: A Story of Coal and Colliers, the last of a series written and produced by Ralph Bernard, narrated by Frank Windsor, researched by Tim Whyatt and Julie Fletcher; music by Richard Digance, recorded by the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, with vocals by Richard Digance and John O’Connor. This edition looks at the link between the mining industry and literature; the future of the British coal industry with interviews with NUM leaders: Joe Gormley, Joe Whelan, Arthur Scargill and Chairman of the Coal Board, Derek Ezra; Arthur A J Cook, leader of Miners Federation in 1920s, and compares him to Arthur Scargill; interview with Alan Wood, Manager of the Miners’ Training Centre, Grassmore, Derbyshire and example of training lesson by Eric Lowe; interview with Thomas Barella(?), miner in North East; modern coal mining methods and machinery with comparison to oil; interviews with Professor Ian Fells on future plans for industry and with Tony Benn, MP.
Arthur Scargill; Derek Ezra; Tony Benn; Joe Gormley; Richard Digance; Ralph Bernard; Frank Windsor; Tim Whyatt; Julie Fletcher; Grimethorpe Colliery Band; Joe Whelan; Alan Wood; Eric Lowe; Ian Fells; John O’Connor; Thomas Barella(?)
Trade unions; Coal mining; Miners; Fuels; NUM; Coal industry; Coal miners; Oil; A. J. Cook; Literature; Future developments; Petroleum industry; Training; Miners Federation; Coal mining techniques; Coal mining equipment

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