Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
Interview; Phone-in
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11 Feb 1978
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Hayes on Sunday. Brian Hayes talks to journalist Wilfred Burchett; Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman, John Davies MP; British Ambassador at the United Nations, Ivor Richard; Michael Leifer, Reader in International Relations at LSE; musician Larry Adler; and author Walter Probyn. Walter Probyn speaks about his book. He talks about when he realised that he had to break the pattern of escaping and returning to prison, his life in prison, and being certified. Ivor Richard takes phone calls on Rhodesia, covering communism, the security forces, and majority rule. John Davies talks about the Patriotic Front, whether David Owen is wrong to seek agreement with the Front, and the damage he could be doing to the talks. Michael Leifer and Wilfred Burchett talk about Vietnam: how the country is recovering from the war, how the regime is treating dissidents, and how the education they are given deliberately aims to hide their history. Programme closes with music: Larry Adler playing with the Quintet of the Hot Club of France.
Brian Hayes; Ivor Richard; Wilfred Burchett; Michael Leifer; Larry Adler; Quintet of the Hot Club of France; Walter Probyn; John Davies (Cons. MP)
Books; Authors; Government; Crime; Interethnic relations; Prisons; Rhodesia; Patriotic Front; Vietnam; Vietnam War (1945-1975); Prisoners; Angel Face: The Making of a Criminal; Catapult to Freedom; Walter Probyn; Wilfred Burchett; Correctional education

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