Brian Hayes show

Brian Hayes show
Interview; Phone-in
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Dec 1977
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Hayes at the Weekend. Brian Hayes interviews Simon Mitton of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, on the new Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and how information is gathered by astronomers; Dr John Gribbin of the Science Policy Research Unit, University Of Sussex, responding to the actuality of a UFO recording broadcast on radio to the south of England, contrasted with the views of Diana Adkins, Director of the Orb Foundation, speaking on extra-terrestrial life; Baroness Phillips, Director of the Association for the Prevention of Theft in Shops, on shoplifting, contrasted with Peter Jones, group security officer for the Army and Navy Stores, on those stores most at risk; Dr Robert Sharpe, psychologist, on buying gifts at Christmas.
Brian Hayes; Robert Sharpe; John Gribbin; Simon Mitton; Diana Adkins; Norah Phillips; Peter Jones
Books; Unidentified flying objects; Shops; Shoplifting; Space; Christmas; Astronomy; Theft; Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy; Gifts

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