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UN Security Council postpones peace conference

UN Security Council postpones peace conference
News report; Interview
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9 Dec 1990
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The United Nations Security Council has postponed a vote on a proposed international peace conference to tackle the Arab-Israeli dispute over the occupied territories. Dr Mohammad T. Mehdi, spokesman for the Committee on American-Arab Relations, speaks of violations of international law. Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Yoram Aridor is opposed to the idea of a Middle East peace conference because it would be predetermined against Israel and would ultimately call for Israeli withdrawl from the occupied territories. Kuwait’s Ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Abul-Hassan says Saddam Hussein may take credit for getting action on the plight of the Palestinian people. Paul Woodley reports.
Paul Woodley; Mohammad T. Mehdi; Yoram Aridor; Mohammed Abul-Hassan
USA; Israel; Middle East; Jewish-Arab relations; Interethnic relations; International relations; UN; Conflict resolution; Peacebuilding; Palestine; Iraq; Saddam Hussein

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