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Interview; News bulletin; Phone-in; Advertisement; Trailer
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8 Jun 1982
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Mike Dickin presents this edition of Nightline with former Prime Minister Edward Heath, who discusses international economic problems and takes calls from members of the public. Steve Crozier presents a news bulletin with a report by Mike Rowbottom about the return to the UK of the crew of the Atlantic Conveyor; Royal Navy Captain Michael Layard comments. Paul Maurice reports on the Falklands conflict. Clip also includes commercial breaks and trailers.
Edward Heath; Paul Maurice; Mike Dickin; Mike Rowbottom; Steve Crozier; Michael Layard
USA; Israel; Middle East; Politics; Jewish-Arab relations; Trade unions; Labour Party; Exports; Inflation; Harold Wilson; Margaret Thatcher; Labour relations; EEC; Referenda; Public opinion; Conservative Party; Unemployment; International relations; UN; Political leadership; Fiscal policy; Common markets; Economic policy; International politics; Weapons; Investment; Prime ministers; Economic systems; Peacemaking; Nuclear weapons; Arms control; Interest rates; Diplomacy; Lebanon; Economic recession; Europe; International trade; SDP; Developing countries; Argentina; Falkland Islands; Ronald Reagan; Politicians; Denis Healey; Policy making; Political leaders; Trade; Latin America; Economic reform; Trade policy; Port Stanley; Mario Menendez

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